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    With tax, auditing and bookkeeping services, we've got you covered.
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It's no secret that most people don't enjoy doing taxes. Clenney & Luke, PC has a long established expertise in tax services, and our clients trust our professional services year after year. We offer assistance preparing and filing all required federal, state and local income tax returns.

In recent years, the demand for greater oversight and accountability from funding agencies and governments has increased dramatically. This, in turn, has placed greater responsibility on governmental agencies and non-profit organizations to retain experienced audit firms to provide these services. For over 27 years, Clenney and Luke, PC has specialized in providing audit services to governmental and non-profit agencies which receive federal and state awards.

It's important as a business to keep your finances in order so you can focus on managing your company, rather than worrying about debits and credits. We work with our clients to provide the financial information that is most useful to them in making sound business decisions.